What to Pack

How to Pack for Your Favorite Iconic Moment at The Plaza

As a member of the Historic Hotels of America, The Plaza is one of […]

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10 Things We Can’t Live without No Matter Where We’re Headed

For some people, packing is a 10-minute affair, a barrage of items flung into […]

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10 Tips for Traveling with an Infant

For those who love travel, having an infant should only inspire more getaways. Babies […]

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Electronics and Travel: What to Pack and What to Leave Home

When you travel, your world needs to be at your fingertips. While it’s nice […]

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Pack for a Stylish Stay in the Tony Bennett Suite at Fairmont San Francisco

For decades, visitors have left their hearts at Fairmont San Francisco, which has the […]

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Top Trailblazing Hikes in Lake Louise

Ask any outdoor enthusiast and they’ll agree–the natural beauty of Lake Louise is unlike […]

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How to’s

How to fold, roll, cube

Love to travel but hate packing? We’ve broken down the steps for three essential packing styles: folding, rolling and cubing. Whether you’re headed on an international adventure or a local business trip, find your style and follow the outlined steps for stress-free packing!