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What’s in Your Bag: The Bucket List Family

In 2015, Garrett and Jessica Gee made the big decision to sell everything and leave home for an adventure around the world with their two (now, three) young kids. After three years of living full-time on the road as a family, they’ve amassed an impressive collection of packing and traveling tips. Discover their top travel essentials and their favorite destinations for family-friendly adventures around the world.

What is your favourite travel destinations for kids?

We love beaches with kids. No matter where we are, the kids seem to love a place with a beach or a pool. Some of our other favorite countries that we’ve found incredibly kid-friendly: Fiji, Japan and England.

What are your top tips for travel with children?

Get out there and do it! Kids are resilient and can do hard things. But we have learned to go at their pace. If a child is tired and cranky, then we just chill. If you’re traveling with young kids, you’re not going to “see it all,” so just relax, go slow, and enjoy what you can do.

Roll, cube or fold?

We use the packing cubes now. Game changers.

What are your top five travel essentials?

Camera, charger, snacks, fanny pack and melatonin.

What’s in your carry-on?

My carry-on is basically my diaper bag – so lots of snacks, diapers, wipes, change of clothing and then my computer. I also carry on my toiletries.

Do you use a mental, physical or digital packing list?

Its mostly mental now. But in the beginning, I’d write it all down!

Airplane food, yah or nay?


Do you have any travel rituals?

The kids ALWAYS kiss the plane before they get on.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling?

We try to stay the routine of working out EVERY DAY. We eat healthy 85% of the time. Usually my breakfast and lunch is healthy and then I’ll splurge on dessert after dinner. 🙂

Do you have any tricks for dealing with jet lag and children?

Don’t push yourself too hard the first few days. But do your best to NOT NAP and go to bed a decent hour. If you’re wide awake at 2am take some melatonin and go back to bed. Or I like to take advantage of the extra time and just get some work done!

Favourite travel souvenir?

We didn’t use to collect, but now that we have a home we started collecting magnets for our fridge.

Why do you love to travel?

For us, it’s about the family memories and experiencing things together. We love to show our kids the world and the amazing people, animals and places that it offers.

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