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What’s In Your Bag: Everyday Pursuits

Ashley Torres, lifestyle blogger at Everyday Pursuits shares her packing + babymoon tips along with some of her favorite travel memories.

Are you a pre-planned or spontaneous traveler?
Since I travel mostly for work my travels are pre-planned but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen last minute. I’m down for any adventure to be honest, pre-planned or not!

What is your favorite part of traveling?
The culture! I love to meet new people and experience their way of living through local cuisine, off-the-path excursions, and really taking the time to walk and explore new cities.

What do you like the least about traveling?
Honestly, I think it’s all part of the experience so I don’t really dislike much. Maybe just the actual fact of getting to and from said destination. wouldn’t we all love to be instantly transported?

Are you usually on-time or running-late to the airport?
Luckily I live REALLY close to the airport so I tend to cut it close. I’ve been getting better though because I’ve had too many close calls recently!

Do you use a mental, digital or physical packing checklist?
Always keep my checklist on the NOTES APP on my phone.

What are your top 5 travel essentials?
Oh I actually have a whole blog post about that hereToptote hat clip, packing cube, travel steamer, Vuori joggers, and my Travelpro carry-on. No matter where I’m traveling (domestic or international) I usually have all five.

Do you roll, fold or use packing cubes for your clothes when packing?
Packing cubes for the win. Once you go packing cubes you’ll never go back – they make it so easy to pack a lot. I did a month in Europe last September in a carry-on!

What extra items did you pack and find most useful for your babymoon?
Extra dresses than I would normally pack because that’s the only item that really fits right now. Definitely upped my plane snacks because I get extra hungry these days. And I also made sure to pack my bump oils and moisturizers to keep things hydrated and glowing in the Hawaii sun.

You are often spotted traveling with fabulous hats. Do you have any tricks for how to pack them? There’s two ways: 1) bring the Toptote hat clip which makes it easy to clip your hat to your carry on bag or a purse 2) if you have room in your luggage you can strategically pack in and around them. I have a whole blog post on that here.

Do you have an airport or inflight ritual?
I typically always wear the same thing (see above travel essentials) and never wear makeup. When I was able to drink (pre-pregnancy) I would always treat myself to a glass of wine or two on long distance flights. And I’m a big work-from-the-plane kind of person. I usually put together a to-do list of things I can get done while I fly so I feel productive when I land and can really dive into my adventures without being tied to my computer.

Airplane food. Yay or Nay? Not my fave!

What is the best souvenir you’ve picked up during your travels?
I’ve become a minimalist when I travel in terms of not picking up random things that I’m not going to use but one thing I try to focus on is items for my home that I know will last. They’ve become decor pieces that I can look at and remember my travels. Some good ones: baskets from Kenya and a hanging macrame piece from Todos Santos.

What is your favorite travel destination?
Safari in Africa was probably the most life-changing for me and a trip I will never forget. I would 100% do it again but it’s kind of one of those trips that you check off the bucket list and move on. In terms of destinations, I always find myself going back to Mexico, Italy, and Spain.

Where are you heading next?
Right now we actually have no travel plans because we’re expecting our little girl in June! I can’t wait to show her the world, though. I think our first trip as a family will probably be to Los Cabos – it’s where my husband and I got married and a quick flight from Los Angeles.

Dream destination?  
Really curious to visit French Polynesia; I’m a girl that loves a good beach.

Any advice for someone who is planning to travel for their babymoon?
Oh do I have a ton! When you’re planning your babymoon chances are you’re not TOO far in your pregnancy and you feel amazing. By month 7/babymoon time you will hopefully still feel amazing but you’re going to be a lot bigger than you could’ve ever wrapped your head around. Flying gets mildly uncomfortable the bigger you get, so take into consideration the distance you have to fly. Additionally, keep in mind what the healthcare options are at your babymoon destination just in case anything happens and you need to go to the hospital. Maybe not the time to do a 24 hour flight to a remote tropical island?! Just a thought!

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