What to Pack

How to Pack for a Family Getaway

We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips when it comes to packing for a family trip. These tricks are tried and tested with families big and small, and are sure to help any traveling family make the most of their experience. Because when it comes to vacationing as a family, the focus should be on the adventure that lies ahead, and not on the stress induced while packing.

Make Every Family Member Responsible For Their Own Bag, Including the Young Ones

This may seem like a risky move, but our travel experts ensure that giving every family member agency over their own belongings will help streamline the packing and travel process. If your little ones are old enough to dress themselves in the morning and carry either a small backpack or rolling suitcase, give them the task of packing their own belongings. Supervise when needed, especially with the little ones, but reiterate the importance of being responsible for their own things. More often than not, giving young ones the “grown-up” responsibility of packing will add an element of pride and accomplishment to the process.

This rule should apply to all adults in the family, too. Don’t let one adult in the group bear the majority of the packing burden. Divide group tasks evenly, like packing the snack bag or the shared bag, so it’s clear that packing for a family trip is a shared responsibility. Also set an example for the young ones by starting the packing early. Get the process started at least a week before your flight to avoid any last-minute packing stress.

Use Packing Cubes

Don’t underestimate the power of packing cubes. While they may require a bit more planning during the initial packing process, they will save the entire family time and unnecessary worry in the long run. Whether you go with the traditional packing cubes, or the less structured, but still extremely useful, packing bags, have each family member use them to divide their clothing according to occasion or category. This will make the unpacking and settling-in process seamless once you finally arrive at your destination. If your family is traveling somewhere sea or lakeside, consider using some of these dry bags from Aloha collection. They will keep your belongings safe from any spills, splashes or stains.

Keep the Essentials On Hand in the Carry-On, Leave Everything Else in Checked Baggage

Regardless of where you stand on the carry-on versus checked bag debate, using at least one carry-on during family travel will be well worth the haul. In fact, most of our experts recommend using one carry-on bag per adult in the group. Keep the bags light and full of in-flight essentials, like snacks, entertainment devices and medication. Everything else, especially the heavy stuff, should stay in the checked bags (if you have them) to keep inter-airport travel as easy as possible. If the young ones are able, give them each one carry-on bag to pack and carry as well. A small backpack with their favorite games, books, and other in-flight necessities will be all that’s needed to keep them entertained during the flight.

Don’t Forget the Snacks

Yes, many airlines provide either complimentary snacks or snacks for purchase, but don’t let that stop you from packing your own family approved treats. In our experience, the more the better when it comes to snacks during family travel. Divide the snacks among the existing carry-on bags so that they are accessible at all times, regardless of seat arrangement. Pack an assortment of sweet and savory snacks to satisfy the palette of each traveler, no matter which mood strikes.

Bring a Travel Sized-First Aid Kit

No one likes to think about what may go wrong during family travel, but preparing with a first aid kit will ensure that your family stays safe in an emergency. Keep a first aid kit in your carry-on at all times, like this one from Preppi. The waterproof case comes complete with essential emergency supplies like bandages, compresses, antibiotic cream, iodine wipes, burn cream, eye wash, alcohol gel and nitrile gloves. Just make sure to remove any items that may be unsuitable for carry-on travel and place them in your checked bag during the flight.

Whether your family is going on a summer vacation or a mountain getaway, these packing tips will help save you time and energy while planning, so you can focus on the memories your family is soon to create.

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How to fold, roll, cube

Love to travel but hate packing? We’ve broken down the steps for three essential packing styles: folding, rolling and cubing. Whether you’re headed on an international adventure or a local business trip, find your style and follow the outlined steps for stress-free packing!