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Hawaii Babymoon: Destination Guide

Ashley Torres, lifestyle influencer at Everyday Pursuits shares packing tips for a Hawaii Babymoon in Maui and the Big Island, must-visit spots, and her favorite activities at Fairmont Kea Lani and Fairmont Orchid.

Planning a babymoon to Hawaii? With gorgeous beaches, warm temps, and the option to be as relaxed or active as you want, it’s a great way to spend those last few moments with your partner before introducing a new baby into your life. My husband and I recently returned from a week trip in Hawaii as a guest of Fairmont Orchid (Big Island) + Fairmont Kea Lani (Maui). It was a trip we’ll never forget! I’ve compiled a list of our favorite local attractions and packing guide to help you prepare for your Hawaii Babymoon.

The Essentials
Hawaii is considered a tropical climate but temps are pretty moderate given the winds.  The best weather in Hawaii is in April, May, September, and October. We visited in March and were met with gorgeous 75 degree temps and very little rain. The must-haves for any trip to Hawaii include:

  • Swimsuits (if you’re like me I like to bring one for every day!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain jacket or windbreaker
  • Sandals, sneakers, dress shoes
  • Hat
  • A book or reading tablet
  • Workout pants/leggings

If you’re expecting I highly recommend packing an assortment of dresses. They are the most comfortable and easy to throw on for almost any activity: pool, dining, walks along the beach, etc. My husband lived in shorts and t’s the entire trip except when I made him put on pants to go to dinner!

Getting R + R at Fairmont Orchid
While at Fairmont Orchid (Big Island) we spent most of our time at Hui Holokai Beach Club around the beautiful ocean cove enjoying mocktails and reading; it’s the most idyllic setting. We really only took breaks from sun-bathing to eat and to adventure around the resort property. There’s so many beautiful walking paths along the beach – we even had multiple sea turtle sightings. You can also rent snorkel gear and hop right into the cove to see all the beautiful sea life. During your stay at Fairmont Orchid I highly recommend the following spots for dining:

We didn’t get to enjoy the spa this time around but it looked incredible, with its outdoor private waterfall and oceanfront cabanas. Don’t forget to just explore – the entire resort property is quite large and has many walking and biking paths. If your partner is a golfer, treat him to a round overlooking the water that he’ll never forget!

Adventure time at Fairmont Kea Lani
We knew going into the trip that we wanted to spend at least a day or two being very adventurous and we decided Maui and the Road to Hana was the perfect place to do that. Top tip: rent a car and if you’re really feeling like getting into the Hawaiian spirit make sure it’s a jeep! Your rain jacket/windbreaker will definitely come in handy here.

Must visit spots in Maui + Fairmont Kea Lani:

Road to Hana tips:

  • Get started early – best to be on the road no later than 6:45am to make sure you don’t get caught up in all the traffic
  • Grab a breakfast sandwich at MAKANA Market + Cafe and snacks for the road
  • Pack Anti-nausea medication (if you’re prone to motion sickness)
  • The Fairmont Kea Lani concierge can also provide you with a cooler to take with you
  • Don’t forget towels
  • The Gypsy Guide Road to Hana app is THE BEST – download it before you go and it’s all you need as your informative guide
  • Take it slow and fall in love with all nature! Don’t forget to stop to enjoy the roadside food.

We most definitely enjoyed some downtime at Fairmont Kea Lani after our busy day exploring the road to Hana. Between the pools and the gorgeous beach setting, you can find yourself sunbathing in a beautiful setting all day long. Or if you’re my husband, playing on the waterslide!

Many locals will tell you that all the Hawaiian Islands are very different but one thing they have in common is maikaʻi maikaʻi (good vibes). Everyone is so welcoming and the atmosphere is very relaxed and calm; it’s a great escape from busy city life and the perfect place for a babymoon!

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