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What’s In Your Bag: Globe-Trotter Edition

Globe-Trotter designer Charlotte Seddon understands that appreciating the luxury of travel starts at the very beginning of every trip—from packing your heritage luggage to arriving at the airport early for a stress-free, pre-flight glass of wine. Whether she’s watching the leaves fall in Kyoto for work or jet setting to Spain with friends and family, Seddon believes that every step of the voyage should be treasured. Read on to learn about her must-have travel items and which continent she’s planning to explore next.

Are you a pre-planned or spontaneous traveler?

I’m definitely a planner. Traveling is just such a luxury and it’s something I look forward to and enjoy spending time deciding what I’d like to do beforehand.

What is your favorite part of traveling?

I love the journey to the destination as it’s the start of a trip and so exciting. The rest only gets better!

What do you like the least about traveling?

That bittersweet feeling when approaching the end of a trip. Although I feel so grateful for creating such amazing memories I also can’t shake that melancholic feeling of going back to reality.

Are you usually on-time or running-late to the airport?

When it comes to airports I am always early. I like to relax once I’ve gone through security by having a browse through duty-free or enjoying a nice glass of wine before the flight.

Do you use a mental, digital or physical packing checklist?

I usually start to make a big list on my iPhone leading up to the trip. I list pretty much everything so packing can be stress-free and quick.

What are your top 5 travel essentials?

Passport, my Globe-Trotter head scarf, Globe-Trotter Journal, sunglasses and a good book

What is the most beloved possession you travel with?

My Globe-Trotter Safari 18” Trolley Case – it was a wedding gift from my colleagues and it had my new initials on the front (my husband also received one in Navy with his initials that are also the same as mine)

Do you roll, fold or use packing cubes for your clothes when packing?

I’m a big fan of rolling, I swear that you get more in and it doesn’t crease like folding does.

What is your ultimate packing hack?

Create more space for packing by packing smaller items inside your footwear!

What is a common mistake you make when packing?

Overpacking. Over the years I have really learnt the art of ‘less is more’. I hate being burdened by carrying too many clothes and accessories when traveling.

Do you have an airport ritual? Where to eat, relax, etc.

My ritual is always to just relax as much as possible, preferably over a glass of wine with bursting excitement for what lies ahead.

What is your in flight routine?

Stay hydrated and move those limbs where possible. I also use my pillow, eye mask and ear plugs on long haul flights. I also enjoy having time to catch up on films.

Airplane food. Yay or Nay?

Nay – I’ve sadly never been a fan!

What is your favorite travel destination?

South East Asia

Where are you heading next?

Valencia with my husband and close friends

Dream destination?


What is best souvenir you’ve picked up during your travels?

I had a really fantastic trip to Kyoto some years back as Globe-Trotter were collaborating with Chiso (the oldest Kimono company in Japan) on a luggage range. It was such a beautiful day in Kyoto as it was ‘Koyo’ season where all the foliage on the trees are in beautiful tones of red and yellow. My friend and I picked a leaf off the tree each and I have kept mine in a small frame at home. It just reminds me of that lovely day and the special project I was lucky enough to be part of.

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